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This site is created with WordPress. One of the best things about the WordPress platform is its power.  With so many plug ins and editable source code, anything can be done.  It has great flexibility, lots of free and premium themes, (designs) and the ease of learning is phenomenal.  Not as easy as Wix to learn, because WordPress has the back end, and it takes longer too, but it is less expensive to host a site.  More time is spent too than with Wix, on searching for plug ins, etc., and there are no built in design elements or image libraries, so you are on your own there.  Actually, if we work together and I am chosen for your WordPress project, I know where to find design elements, images and I am a Photoshop guru so you’re gonna be good!

One of the reasons I chose WordPress for this particular site is features across the board.  I needed a customer portal where my web design clients can have special permissions and the UpStream plug in is perfect for secure communication and relaying project milestones, tasks and more.  Another reason is the blog feature, since I want to update all clients on all news and events for all the platforms I work with.  I will have several categories for the different news and articles features.  So WordPress fulfilled both requirements on one site platform, and I already had sites hosted at SiteGround so I saved on hosting cost there.  It was as easy as adding the domain name and installing WordPress.

WordPress originated as a blogging platform and since pages can be created and since we have the power to simply not activate the blog, it can show as a regular static website.  You can also have the site be the primary focus and have the blog page secondary as I have on this site.

So these WordPress pages provide info on plug ins and other things I want to share about WordPress and info on getting my WordPress design services.