Wix Sites

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Wix sites are a very special thing.  It is the Wix editor . . . the features, design elements, and images built in to a library . .  so many things.

Wix is a front end editor and an open source product.  I love open source.  So  many people these days need that generous head start and Wix is one of the most generous companies I have ever seen.

I started creating Wix sites in 2009 when they only had the Flash editor.  Those sites were gorgeous and fancy and then came the mobile revolution and Flash sites nearly became obsolete overnight.

Wix answered the call with the HTML5 editor and then a newer one soon after.  Since then they have created internal apps available in the Wix Market and have partnered up with lots of third-party providers to extend the functionality and features of Wix sites all over the world.  The company is growing like crazy and I am proud to be associated with them, however I must make it clear that all my companies, just like others who create websites with Wix, are all freelance, independent companies.