Joomla Sites

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Ahh . . . Joomla.  Wow when I found Joomla I thought I was dreaming.  It is crazy powerful and like WordPress has editable code but Joomla is more of a super powerful Content Management System.  So many different types of sites can be created.  Joomla’s additional functionalities come from Joomla extensions, which are the equivalent of “plug ins” in WordPress or “Wix Apps” in Wix.  Joomla sites are used,  even for big businesses where Wix and WordPress are more designated for small to medium sized businesses.

Joomla has a steeper learning curve too but you don’t have to use much code at all if any.  Just like “shortcodes” in WordPress, (snippets generated from some plut ins) there are similar ways to paste in certain functions or features.  This is as far as one has to go with “editing website code” if the administrator wishes.  Joomla was designed to be super powerful and still have a simple enough “back end” so any user who knows how to copy and paste and use a text box can create and edit a website.

Here is a great article on “The 10 Most Popular Websites Using Joomla” which are large, powerful and even prestigious!

I will be listing my own Joomla sites here soon so check back!